Heels or flats ?

I really prefer flats! Such a beautiful freedom!!

During the few chances i have had to interview a blogger like here , i have asked this question. At those times i actually meant the literal shoes but right now in this post i am referring to being classy or chosing to be simple.

Since about 4 weeks ago if not more or less, there have been a lot of talk and insults thrown at Alex of big brother season 3 about her style of dressing and conduct as compared to Cee-Cee and BamBam. To them Alex not been “classy” is not normal as being classy is the only acceptable thing.

To them she not wearing heels and wearing certain clothes does not make her sophisticated, but truth be told being classy does not come from the clothes , makeup or accessories and its not all about being posh . A person is said to be classy when he or she is kind, gentle, caring, composed, confident and has self respect. Even if we are to look at class from a dressing point of view, you do not have to wear heels to be classy , a simple and neat dressing with dignity imbibed in it is enough to make you a sophisticated person.

People all have their preferences as to how they want to live their lives . Some want everything about them to be elegant and sophisticated . The most important thing to remember is to do what is most comfortable for yourself at all times.

What are your thoughts concerning being classy/ simple? Do you think a lady must be classy? What is your definition of class? I am really looking forward to reading your comments.


6 thoughts on “Heels or flats ?

  1. Ashley Marie says:

    First off, love your outfit in this post! It really flatters you and it is a great combination. I have to say that I agree with your thoughts on being classy. Even if a person is dressed in a “classy outfit,” it means nothing if that person is not classy. Classy definitely has more to do with who you are as a person.

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