Graphics for Bloggers : Blog x Instastories

Hello angels,

I recently starting seeing an influx of graphic design pins on my pinterest home page and knowing that a lot of bloggers some bloggers (like me) struggle to find beautiful ways to make our blog post cover and also slay the instastory life, I decided to bring some of what I saw to the blog for you.

These graphics can be done via canva or desygner but canva seems like the most popular one used.

The images where gotten from the creative market and can be tweaked to suit your personal style. Before I forget, it’s not only instagram stories you can slay. Even WhatsApp stories!!

You can follow me on Pinterest @stella . let’s connect and pin more things together.

P. S : At the beginning of the post I called you all angels because God sends you each time to read what little content I can create and I am thankful for every like, comment and follow. Keep flying and spreading your beautiful wings. ❀.

Love always,

Ihuoma Sylva.


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