Tips on being arranged

For someone like me that cannot rest until everything I own is placed in its due position, arrangement is a must. Whenever I am going to a new place the thing I think of first even before I start packing is how I am going to arrange the things I am packing when I arrive my destination.

To me being arranged make life more easy and gives you more time for yourself as you would know where exactly something is whenever you want it. It also saves space and frees up mental space.

Today’s post is on tips to be arranged not only concerning the physical things but also on covering the work and school environment.

1. Make a to do list: A to do list cannot be overemphasized. A night before a day or the particular day in question, write a-to-do list showing everything you wish to do that day preferably with times attached. It makes you keep to schedule and leaves nothing untouched for people like me with people who forget easily. Phones also have apps for this purpose.

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2. Have a selected place for certain things to be kept. Look for a particular place to keep things. Have a certain area where your bags are kept, your books, toiletries and beauty products. Even having a particular pattern of keeping clothes also helps.

3. Always return things to their appropriate places after they are used or replaced. This should be done immediately so as to prevent laziness.

P. S : being arranged does not mean complete ocd or ocd at the very least.

4. Declutter: remove things you would not use in a thousand years to come also helps as it relieves the space that can be used to keep other important things.

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5. The most important point of all is fight laziness and procrastination. Just do it.

Did I miss out any point? I would like to know your own points on being arranged. Hoping on reading your comments.

Ihuoma Sylva


2 thoughts on “Tips on being arranged

    • ihuomasylva says:

      Thanks.. OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is an anxiety disorder where someone is obsessed with doing a particular doing and unknowingly keep on doing the same thing. So, concerning arranging, the person might keep on arranging and rearranging same thing because they feel it’s not perfectly done.


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