Awkward dress combo X photoshoot fail

I am in no way a fashion blogger but after having a failed photoshoot session for the blog I had to let my frustration out..

I picked out an outfit I thought would be so perfect together complete with beautiful pictures that would fill my gallery after said photoshoot only for me to wear it and it was a major flop.. I never knew my lack of flesh in almost all the places not only the right places could be so emphasized in a single outfit.. Like why can the cloth just corporate with me and look fab…

The palazzo pants looks like those retro dancing trousers and the top looks like it needs centuries worth of visits to the tailor… after discovering that the outfit was a flop, I just took the pictures without shoes and people that’s my real face…. Well am going now to pray to God for fat and promise to eat like a…..I must slay in any outfit like I was born too.

Ihuoma sylva.

Am I the only one who seem not to pull off an outfit well ? would love to hear your own struggles!


7 thoughts on “Awkward dress combo X photoshoot fail

  1. Damilola Oderinde says:

    Lol…I can totally relate, you would have styled an outfit in your head looking bomb and fine only for you to wear it then it comes out awkward😁 still look good though. Expecting more posts from you girl…you can also check out my new post…❤❤

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  2. Hexokinase says:

    Lovely write up for me anything i wear makes sense to me jus that when i take a picture and i later look at it i realise OMG i wore rubbish the whole day… Buh your outfit looks nice and for me skinny is bae

    Liked by 1 person

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