Favorite flatlays.

Hello people, it has been so long. Hope everyone is doing okay and crushing goals. I decided to share with your some of my favorite flatlays and also talk about the creative brains behind each picture . This is arranged in no particular order.


From the image I am sure you can see why I like the flatlays. The owner of the images is @piecesofonye, known as the flatlay slayer on Instagram. She is a product photographer and beauty blogger. She does behind the scenes for some pictures incase you are interested in learning.


I got this pictures from @musesuniform.. It was so difficult to pick the best as all her pictures are beautiful and her feed is a goal. She is a travel blogger and fashion, food, style and interiors photographer. As written expect lots of food images from her on her page. Her blog is musesuniform.com


I love this flatlays because they are so simple yet chic. Each combination is on point. The pictures were gotten from @thisthingcalledfashionn instagram page. Another blogger I keep on watching out for her post, stories and videos. She is part of the reason I open my instagram page each day. Her blog is Thisthingcalledfashion.com.


If you want to see and also know about beauty products plus if you love looking at their flatlays then run over to @sheisnaturallybronze. I have never seen any other beauty influencer with pictures and a feed like hers.


Grace Alex’ flatlays where the first I ever loved. Not only because of the arrangement but also because of the picture editing. Every single thing is detailed and aligns well together. More images can be seen @t2pitchy. Her blog is gafashion.blogspot.com.


When I started blogging, I lived on her ig profile. I just wanted to know how someone could be so creative and take pictures of unusual things in ways no other person does. Plus her style of editing and the tone of the pictures left me in wonder weeks long. Her IG profile is @miralabelle.o and her blog is miralabelle.com.


Might seem as though it’s just a picture of a book or it might not even be a flatlay but I had to add it to the list because I love a well thought out picture anyday. The books about shoes had shoes behind and that how it is for every other picture on @cornflakes.and.milk ig page. She blogs at the girl in the flannel shirt.


@mindofamaka is one person who I took lessons on how to do a flatlay from. Her growth has been amazing so has her pictures. She has a business as a product photographer and she has been creating gold since the start. Her business Ig page is @studioamaka.


This is another amazing flatlay. The Creative director or should I say the brain behind the pictures is no other than @thesvnflwr. Her flatlays are always a hundred with extra shine on top. Her blog is draped in basics.


Saved the best for last by yours truly ‘me’ ! ! I am still learning an practicing and have definitely grown from my very first days.

Did I miss out any of your favorites ? I would love to know about yours in to comment section.

Ihuoma sylva


5 thoughts on “Favorite flatlays.

  1. Hexokinase says:

    Actually learnt something new today (flatlays) it seems to mee each flatlays iz kinda like telling a story itz really a nice topic and number 5,6 and ofcourse 10 are very lovely


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