The 5 countries on my wanderlust list in 2019:

Hello, like I never left because life and school happened to me and I had to choose the first thing on my priority list. Seems like I have a lot of list in life. Today I will be telling you about my wanderlust list.

With all the many people who travelled to Dubai last year I got affected by the travel fever and decided to make a list about the places my much adult self would want to visit when she becomes a boss woman. Knowing I am not going to go there even in the next 4 years to come, I still made the list because as they say a dream written down is half achieved (ihuomasylva).

Disclaimer/ warning : All images were gotten from pinterest and instagram. This blog post is solely for day dreaming purposes, enter at your own risk.

1. Greece :

I think this was the first country I thought was fancy followed by Italy. The buildings from pictures fascinated me most especially Santorini with all the white coloured wall and blue coloured roofs paired with the blue sea. The country looks very peaceful and I believe it has the right atmosphere to fuel a person’s creative spirits. Other beautiful cities in Greece apart from Santorini is Mykonos and Athens.

Visit Greece

Greece Santorini

Visit greece


2. Aruba:

To be honest it is the flamingos that make me want to visit this country. It is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela which I would not have know about if not for the flamingos again. The best spots in the country are the white sand dunes, the Palm beach , the Malmok beach, the Flamingo island and the Eagle beach.

Visit aruba

Things to do in aruba

3. Morocco :

This is a country in North Africa with the donkey ride and desert vibes of Dubai. You can find part of the Sahara desert here. Marrakesh is a popular city in the county, also is Chefchaouen with its blue coloured wall. What makes the country attractive to me is the architecture of the building plus riding a donkey in the actual Sahara desert I have heard about.

Things to do in Morocco

Thing to Do in Morocco

4. Maldives:

Of course you should know what pulled me to this country in South Asia. The floating food of course. Who does not want to be swimming around food with a great view to feed your eyes. Literally no one. With all things green, blue and tropical what more is there to ask for. Your body will definitely relax on a trip to this beautiful country.

Visit Maldives

Floating breakfast in Maldives

5. South Africa :

This was the first African country i discovered with people of mixed colour so since then I have been wanting to find out more about it. It is a place which does not sound too foreign to me although it definitely looks foreign. You can dive, kayak with crocodiles and go to the wildlife safari which will be the top most thing I would do if I were to travel there.

Things to do in South africa

Visit southafrica

That’s all for now in my wanderlust list. Which country would you like to travel to? Please tell me in the comment section, would like to know.

Thanks for reading,

Ihuoma Sylva


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